About Me

Hello and welcome!

My name’s Ian, and I’m a Kemetic and a Baltic Pagan. I’ve been practicing paganism for the last six or so years, and I’ve been working with the Baltic gods for the last two or three. As far as the Kemetic gods go, I’ve had an interest in them for years and years, but I’ve only started working with them in the last year or two.

The focus in my practice is on Saule (you can read more about her here), and I currently also work with Sobek and Apollo. Other deities I work with (on a more monthly/yearly basis) include Aset, Ausir, Perkunas, Menuo, and Heru.

My practice is very synchronized (my gods share a single altar space), and while my practices for the Kemetic and Baltic gods are relatively different, they blend a lot. I’m very historically inspired, and I love researching different cultures and their histories.


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