Wep Ronpet (Part One)

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So tonight, I’m celebrating Nebt-het’s birthday; the very last of the birthdays before I jump into Wep Ronpet itself tomorrow night. This is my second annual celebration of Wep Ronpet, and like last years, it’s been very lovely; a good time to think about what I’ve achieved and what I’m striving for in the future.

So, to start. The first birthday I celebrated was Ausir’s. He, like last year, struck me as deeply peaceful. It’s not something that I can completely explain; he’s a sort of calm that settles into your bones. I sat with him for a while after, before heading to bed. (I do all my rituals just before I sleep- it’s just the best time of the day for me to do them.)

The second birthday was Sutekh’s. Now, Sutekh’s was intense. He wanted all of the other deities off the altar, and he wanted a lot of red candles, and he wanted specific decorations. And then, working with him… well, he wanted to walk through the shadowed parts of my soul, and did a lot of unearthing. He was honestly terrifying when I started the ritual- working with him is like dancing on hot coals; you never know when you’re going to be burned.

The third birthday was Heru the Elder’s. (And I’m given to realize that I celebrated His and Sutekh’s birthday out of order, but… well, what happened happened. They didn’t seem to mind.) He was very different from Sutekh; far less intimidating, and a little bit minimalistic. I suspect that I’m going to end up working with both him and Sutekh; we’ll see how it goes down, though.

The fourth birthday’s was Aset’s. And I don’t have a lot to say about working with her. It was very business-like; I recited a prayer honoring her and her many titles, she gave the deity equivalent of a “thank you”, and I called it good after that.

And tonight I’m going to be working with Nebt-het. I’ll let you know how things go down; I’ve only worked with her once (last year’s Wep Ronpet, actually), but things went well then, and I have no reason to believe they won’t go well now.

Happy Wep Ronpet, guys! 🙂


One thought on “Wep Ronpet (Part One)

    cardsandfeather said:
    August 2, 2016 at 11:50 pm

    Dua Netjeru! I also always celebrate *someone’s* birthday out of order, so you aren’t alone! This year, I swapped Heru-Wer and Wesir…oops.


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