Happy Earth Day!

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tumblr_o62fu80iBV1ukqkj6o3_540(Sorry about my crappy phone pictures.)

So originally, I was going to celebrate Earth day by doing something for Zemyna and Perkunas (the Baltic Earth Goddess and Thunder God, respectively). However, I decided to celebrate the Baltic pantheon during Easter instead, during which I did my whole Welcome Spring ritual (focused around Zemyna, Perkunas, and Patrimpas and during which I couldn’t stop thinking about Sobek which threw me off SO MUCH oh my god).

So getting that done, I decided that it made more sense to do something for Geb, because I really like the Earth god and I’ve wanted to do something for him for quite a while. Unfortunately, what I did was kind of thrown together, because I completely forgot about Earth day until the day before.

So. Earth day, I went to the lake and collected a bunch of rocks from the beach. They were all smelly and kind of gross, but they were super pretty, so I went ahead and soaked them in soap and water, washed them each individually, and then let them dry. Then I scattered them across my altar and used a tarot card (the hermit) to represent his Earthiness.

I was really happy with the results, honestly. It looked really pretty.

My ritual to the Divine Goose (I’m so sorry, I love silly epitaphs) was really, really simple, because I was honestly super tired from school and did NOT have enough energy to make it anything huge. Which, honestly, made me kind of sad, because I love rituals where you shower beforehand, and wash your hands in homemade natron, and just go ALL OUT with everything.

However, what I did was super satisfying all the same. I wrote a prayer, lit a candle, and talked to him for a moment. Then I puttered around while his candle burned out.

I think  it’s really ironic that I’m celebrating Earth day when I do very little to actually help keep the earth clean.  I mean, I recycle, but beyond that, it’s very minimal. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot, because I really want to help keep the Earth clean, but I’m investing so much energy into school that I keep forgetting about literally everything else.


So. You know what I think I’m going to do?

I’m going to work on using more reusable bags when I shop. And I’m going to work on eating less meat (because, you know, the meat industry uses a lot of resources, and while I love meat, I can’t condone the destruction of rain forests).

We’ll see how well I actually hold to that. I’m not going to promise anything right now, because sometimes I get so exhausted that I just stop caring about my impact (I’m a bad person). However, Geb is important, and we kind of need the  Earth to remain clean so that we can, you know, keep living on it.

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy (belated) Earth Day!


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