Casting Stones

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So… I just read an article discussing “day of silence”. I would post a link to so you’d know what I was talking about, but you know, it was a disgusting article, and I have no desire to increase their views in any way.

See, it was a very aggressive article that talked about how LGBT people are pushing their Homosexual Agenda onto Innocent Childrens, and how Good Parents can protect their Innocents. Like handing out cards encouraging people to Renounce Homosexuality. Or placing little stickers banning rainbows on doors, to make safe spaces for “normal people”.

Because LGBT people aren’t normal, right? Because we’re strange and weird and different.

…And… it made me angry, and then sad, and then numb.

I just don’t know how I’m supposed to react to it anymore.

There is this assumption that many people make- that all children are straight, and that LGBT people just kind of Pop! into being as fully grown adults, eager to demolish the current heteronormative system. That anyone pushing to include LGBT history or acceptance in schools is a wicked, wicked adult looking to pervert the Innocent Children.

Because there’s this kind of belief that one’s own children can’t be queer, and that the children one knows can’t be queer, and that it’s disgusting to even imply that a child might be queer.

But… like… guys, I was a gay child. Homosexuality did not appear in me when I came out at eighteen. (I’m sure you  are all, like, super surprised to hear that. Like, omg? Really?) I mean, I crushed on boys at a very young age.

…Which is something that I gather people don’t like to hear. Like, it’s okay if a child crushes on another child of the opposite sex, but if you suggest that you yourself crushed on people of the same sex as a child, you’re told “no, children don’t have those feelings that young, you’re clearly making that up”.

No, I’m not, you just don’t want to think children can be queer too. Because heaven knows that children are Innocent, and LGBT people are NOT Innocent, and ohmygod gay people can’t be as Pure as Straight people, Mkkay??

And I know that I’m preaching to the choir, because I really can’t see anyone anti-LGBT reading a pagan blog about crocodile gods and sun goddesses, y’know? I just need to vent.

It frustrates me that we’re told that we’re trying to make “more kids gay” by teaching them that LGBT people exist. That is literally not how it works. Most of the kids ever taught about LGBT history are going to be straight, no matter how much “gay propaganda” you throw at them. Because for the vast majority of people, sexuality is fixed. It can’t be changed.

But by teaching them about LGBT people, you not only help the LGBT kids among them learn to accept themselves, but you teach all of them to be more accepting of LGBT people in general. That LGBT people are just people, not wicked monsters out to hurt them. (Something that many adults could learn as well

It’s a step towards decreasing hate crimes, y’know?

And… yeah. I know this post is super short, but that’s all I have on this right now. I mean, what can I say? It’s not like they’re going to stop pushing their agenda, and it’s not like I’m saying anything really original. I just…

…words fail me.


2 thoughts on “Casting Stones

    cardsandfeather said:
    April 18, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    *hugs* I hear your frustration, and I’m glad you are talking about it. It may not be new, but I think it’s important to feel heard and to be heard, especially since I am pretty sure you aren’t the only person feeling this frustrated over this particular topic. I think the more people talk about how these sorts of things make them feel, the more we can amplify this sentiment and have productive conversations.

    I think that, in part, when we focus on “LGBT people” as “X”, “Y” or “Z” (e.g. having an evil agenda), we make it out as if someone’s sexuality is ALL their is to their identity (I say this as a bisexual woman). In truth, we are more than our attractions, relationships, and love lives. It’s true that these can be very prominent and large parts of our lives, but we are more than the sum of our sexual and romantic experiences. Whittling people down to their sexuality helps to take away their personhood, IMO, and that’s how I feel when I see people making judgments based on sexuality (i.e. trying to protect the innocent children). I have seen people who knew their LGBT loved one BEFORE they came out as LGBT accept that person and reverse their ideas on people who are LGBT. I think it may have to do with these people, who were open-minded enough, to suddenly realize that sexuality (or gender) is only part of a person…a person they love. I know not every family member or friend has this reaction when they learn that someone they care about is LGBT, which makes me wonder if folks to have negative reactions have stripped LGBT persons of their personhood so strongly in their minds that not even the love and history they have with a person can mend it (among other contributing factors).

    All this is to say that I am sorry you experienced this, but that I hope you know I see you as a cool, complex person, who is certainly NOT out to do anything bad to anyone’s Innocent Child (btw, children aren’t all that innocent any how…they are quite mischievous…give those folks the memo!).


      ian288 responded:
      April 19, 2016 at 2:56 pm

      I agree. These conversations are super important to have, partly because I really believe that the more communication is done, the sooner the various Phobias and Isms will disappear, just because it’s hard to discriminate against people that you understand.

      That makes a lot of sense. If a person only has one element to their personality, it’s easy to stereotype them, and I think that leads to the most discrimination. And while it’s hard to believe that people could believe stereotypes strongly enough for them to destroy their relationships with the people that they care about, it definitely happens.

      Thanks for the support. 🙂 And children definitely aren’t. I have several younger siblings, and when I visit, they’re always up to something mischievous (particularly the youngest ones). Thanks so much for the awesome comment!

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