Scattered Stones

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I know I’ve already written a post about Sobek, but I think I’m going to have to write a second. See, Sobek has become a really active influence in my life recently. I’ve been working with him pretty intensely- almost as much as I do Saule. I’m really enjoying it; I love attention, especially when it’s from a deity, and I adore devotional work.

So today, I want to share some scattered thoughts about Sobek, and my experiences with him. They’re not meant to be anything more than observations on my personal experiences with him; as such, I wouldn’t go into this post expecting any sort of organization. They’re just things that I’ve noticed about him as my relationship with him has grown.

First Stone

Sobek feels like a wound spring. He always feels ready to rush forwards, ready to strike fast and fierce. This makes sense; he is a crocodile god, after all. It was really confusing at first though, because when I felt the tension, the readiness to attack, I thought it meant something big was happening; like he was getting ready to do something huge.

I wasn’t incorrect. Sobek is always preparing to do something huge. However, he hasn’t done anything yet, and I feel like his preparation is mostly the readiness to… seize opportunity? It’s like, he’s not going to make huge changes for the sake of making huge changes, but he  is ready to make huge changes.

To attack and eat something.

 Second Stone

I’ve found myself making more tooth-related analogies as his presence has grown, mostly when it comes to my problems or people I find difficult to work with. I refuse to fear this person, because if they attempt to harm me, I will eat them.

*Nom nom nom*

(On that note, I feel like I need to say that this “eating of people” is strictly symbolic. I promise, I’m not going to go around biting my classmates or the rude people  that cut in line. It’s an attitude thing.)

 Third Stone

He likes incense. He likes incense a lot.

 Fourth Stone

Sobek’s very focused on self care. He’s been very focused on making sure that I take care of myself. He can be intensely practical about it. “If you’re tired, sleep. If you’re hungry, eat.” Things that are very easy for me to forget to do properly. He can be a bit pushy on this front, and that’s probably a good thing; I tend to procrastinate on my responsibilities a lot.

 Fifth Stone

While I know that perhaps I should be a little more scared of him, (and I have no doubt that he could be truly terrifying, if he wanted to be), he doesn’t really… terrify. He can be aggressive, but he’s never, ever aggressive towards me- just the things that he considers threats.

 Sixth Stone

I honestly feel like he’s been working to help me feel safer. Because the last couple weeks, which I expected to be super hard and difficult, and weird, several of my anxieties have sort of been… evaporated.

He’s a very nurturing force; he seems very focused on growth and generation, on eating weakness in order to build strength in its place. He’s super protective, but in a way that encourages me to try new things- scary things.

 Final Stone

I associate him with running water. Almost any sort of running water can remind me of him (even tap water), though truthfully, I feel him most strongly around rivers and streams. I think he  prefers those, honestly.

Sobek is a complex deity. He’s hard for me to wrap my head around, and he’s really interesting and exciting to work with and be with. I don’t know where my relationship with him is going, but I don’t know that he wants me to, or even that it’s going anywhere. I sort of think that if Sobek is teaching me anything, it’s just to be content being, and that sometimes it’s enough to be moving, goalposts be damned.


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