Musing on Sobek

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So a quick rundown on Sobek: he’s a crocodile god of the river Nile, in Egypt. He had a cult center in Kom Ombo that he shared with Horus the Elder, and he was occasionally said to be the son of Neith, goddess of… well… lots of things. Like weaving and war and stuff. Also, there are a couple myths in which Sobek’s the creator of the universe, which is super rad.

So, technically I’ve been working with him since maybe last June. It doesn’t feel like that, though. Honestly, in many respects, it feels like I’ve just begun working with him. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been able to really pray to  him on the regular until recently, or maybe it’s because my sense of time is all screwy. I mean, he still feels like a deity that I’m still working to define my relationship with.

That’s not completely true. My relationship with Sobek has a definite tone.  He’s a protector, of sorts, and definitely a comforter.

No. He’s not so much a comforter as… a strengthener. Is that a word? Spellcheck isn’t coming down on me, so I guess it is.

Sobek is the deity that I reach out to when I’m overwhelmed. Which, I think, is ironic because he himself is very overwhelming. Not in that he stresses me out or anything, but in that working with him feels like sinking into a very deep, very powerful river. He’s fluid. He’s strong.

He’s fierce, too. Sometimes, he feels very dangerous. Not towards me specifically, but by nature- like a flood, or a sharp piece of glass. And in general, that feeling can also be very comforting.

See, Sobek takes away fear and eats it.

Working with Sobek is relaxing, despite the edge to it. I tend to go to him when I’m scared or stressed, because when I’m done, I’m far less scared and way more ready to tackle my problems.

In fact, back when I lived in Washington, I used to go walking down to the spring/river/running-water thing whenever I needed to talk with him. He’d always be waiting by the water, and just being there- seeing the running water, and feeling him present- was often enough to help me settle into myself better.

In many ways, he still is my go-to when I’m upset. I can count on him to set me back on my emotional feet.

It’s kind of funny because technically, I’ve been working with him for eight months. It’s only recently though that I’ve been able to start actually praying to him. Like, formally. With an altar and stuff.

In fact, as of the last couple weeks, I’ve started a daily “deity rotation” that currently includes Saule, Apollo, and Sobek. It’s a rotation that I’ve been planning on for a while now, but haven’t been able to implement because of my past living situation.

It’s a good rotation. I feel like I’m finally getting quality time with Sobek, even if it’s only in five minutes bites of time every three or five days.

So. Those are my musings on Sobek. What do you think? Do you work with him? Or do you have a relationship with a deity like him? Feel free to tell me what’s on your mind- and thanks for reading!



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