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Today, I want to briefly talk about how I use tarot in my practice.

Tarot, for me, started out as a game. And its remained, in many ways, a sort of game. I can’t honestly say that I take it completely seriously- but on the other hand, most of the time, it’s been pretty accurate.

However, while I do use it to read my future (because, you know, it’s always cool to see what’s coming up next in your life), the primary reason that I use it is because it helps to calm me.

I have a confession. I get stressed very easily. And while I work well with it- it doesn’t hold me back or damage how well I do too much- it is difficult to live with.

Like, seriously.

So, when I get too stressed, and I feel like I want to curl up in my bed and never, ever, ever leave it, I pull  out my tarot cards and start shuffling them.

Working with tarot cards calms me. It allows me to take all of my problems and spread them out before me, to get an “overview” of my life and my emotions.

Dealing the tarot cards, reading the tarot cards, shuffling and redealing the tarot cards- the whole system helps me to eliminate the excess stress and calm myself down.

It’s really soothing, y’know?

And between you and me, sometimes the tarot gives really good advice.

Anyway. What about you? Do you use tarot cards in your practice? If so, how? What does it do for you? Do you use any other divination techniques? And if so, what are they?


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