Dancing to the Sun

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I tried dancing to Saule today.

That sounds a bit silly. I mean, I love dancing, but dancing for someone- especially a goddess- sounds ridiculous to me.

But I was reading a book on how people connect with the divine, and I recall reading how people dedicate certain actions to their deity.

And… well, I dance a lor. A lot. I have a lot of nervous energy, and dancing helps syphon some of it off so that I don’t do anything stupid to trt and deal with it.

So, I decided to dance to Saule. I mean, why not? It seemed a good way to try talking to her.

I’m not sure how to think of it now. While I was dancing, I started thinking of all the things that have happened in the last few months, and how unlikely I thought they were to happen. I thought of all the friends I’ve made, and the ones that I still keep in touch with, and the ones that I lost when I moved from Wahington to Idaho.

I thought of all the changes that have happened, and how I feel that it’s not enough; how I want to keep moving, keep changing, and how I keep pushing for more and more change.

It’s part of my hyper-activity, I think. I need to keep moving, to feel the rush of motion, because if I don’t, I’m terrified I’ll fall behind or otherwise “lose” the game.

I want to move and change and grow. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But perhaps I need to stop for a little while? Just relax and grow for a little bit?

I think I’ll try that. We’ll see what happens.


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