Saule, Mother of the Planets

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So, on top of being a goddess of the sun, Saule is also a mother to several planets. I have to say, this makes complete sense to me  on multiple levels, what with the planets rotating around the sun, the planets having formed *around* the sun, and just… you know

Now, the paternity of the daughters in question is… um… well, to be perfectly honest, I’ve never been certain myself who’s the father of whom. Here’s what I’ve put together so far.

Saule is the mother of Ausrine, the goddess of the morning star, and Vakarine, goddess of the evening star. I remember reading a myth in “Norse Mythology” by Arthur Cotterell* that said that Perkunas was the father of the morning star, and I’ve quietly adapted that to mean that he’s Ausrine’s father. (I’m sure you can see why I might think this.)

I also suspect that he might be Vakarine’s father too, but I’ve never seen any evidence for that beyond the strong parallels between Vakarine and Ausrine.

Meanwhile, Zemyna, the goddess of the earth, has a very certain paternity.  She’s the daughter of Menuo, the god of the moon, and Saule. She’s married to Perkunas, for the record.

(Yes, Perkunas, who was Saule’s lover. I dunno, man. It’s what happened.)

Among Saule’s other daughters was Indraja, the goddess of the planet Jupiter. I ran across a myth on Goddess a Day that said that she was originally a water spirit, and that she had been going to marry Perkunas. However, apparently all the other water spirits got mad, and kidnapped on her wedding day. At that point, she was turned into the planet Jupiter. I really like this myth, but I don’t know if it’s something that was actually believed by Lithuanians, because I’ve never been able to find it anywhere else that didn’t look like it had been cut and pasted from the original site. (See, apparently some bloggers don’t understand COPYRIGHT LAW, which is a thing.)

So… yeah. Moving on.

Beyond her, Saule has three other daughters; Selija, goddess of Saturn, Vaivora, goddess of Mercury, and Zeizdre, the goddess of Mars. All of the stars- Ausrine, Vakarine, Indraja, Selija, Vaivora, and Zeizdre- together are known as the Zvaigzdes (which Wikipedia says means “stars”.)

Alright! Those are the daughters of Saule, as I know them. Thanks for reading!

*Which was a children’s book that covered Icelandic, Baltic, and Slavic mythology, in case you’re wondering.


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