Saule, Goddess of the Sun

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So, did I mention that I worship Saule?

Since that is a thing, and since you’re here and I’m here, we’re going to discuss her baseline myth. You know, the myth in which she rises and sets- because she’s a sun goddess, and that’s what she does.

Now, a lot of this myth I’ve put together myself based on scraps and pieces that I’ve gotten, so don’t take it too seriously. I’m not an anthropologist, nor a professional scholar. In fact,  I’m pretty young, and I may have mixed up Lithuanian and Latvian myths (which *are* slightly different), so be careful with what you see. I’ll try and include links to other places if you’re interested in seeing where I got this information.

So, how does she begin her day?

Well, the Encyclopedia Britannica says that Kalvis (also known as Teliavelis, Kalvaitis, and possibly Perkunas- more on that later), god of smithing, forges a new sun every day. Once he’s finished, he gives the new sun to Ausrine, the goddess of the dawn. Once she has this, she then goes and lights it.

Then, she and Tarnaitis (Ausrine’s servant according to Wikipedia) prepare Saule’s passage, and then pass the sun to Saule. Saule takes the sun and starts on her journey across the sky mountain (otherwise known as Debeskalns) on a charriot, pulled by horses that never get tired and pouring hot sunlight across the earth.

When she reaches the end of the sky mountain, she stands on a hill and bathes her horses in the sea before heading into her castle through a pair of silver gates.

Her bed is then prepared by Vakarine, the goddess of the dusk, and while Saule sleeps, she is boated across the underworld ocean by Perkunatele, a deity whose function I have never been able to find out. (Though, if I may, I would say that caring for the goddess of the sun is function enough, wouldn’t you?)

And in the morning, the cycle begins again.

Alright! That’s the cycle as I know it. For more on Latvian mythology, here’s Wikipedia’s page here. Otherwise, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy your day.


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